I’m joining with Mrs. D’s Corner for her Reflect and Refresh series.  Yes, I’m a little late as I didn’t participate in Part 1.  Life just gets too chaotic sometimes.  I decided to take some time to reflect and refresh AND rest!  Plus I have been super busy with summer school and other projects. So, that being said…

reflect and refresh part 2


This year I am making it my goal to beef up my communication with families.  I have been putting together binders, which I hope will hold up better than the paper folders we have used in the past.  I call them my HOT Binders (Home Organizational Too). I am including a calendar for behavior and homework, a tabbed section for newsletters, a spiral notebook, a pencil pouch, and a sheet protector for papers to sign and return.  The spiral notebook will be used for daily written communication on an as needed basis.  This is what my dining room table looks like tonight!  

Reflect and Refresh Homework Binder


Reflect and Refresh Homework Binder 2


Reflect and Refresh Homework Binder 3

If you could use this in your class, the editable binder covers are free in my TPT Store.   Just click {HERE}.


I brought home a huge tub of various task cards that I used and need to sort by season/standard.  I bought several of the lidded containers from Really Good Stuff, as well as the cart shown below. 

My goal for the next week is to get these things organized in time for back to school in August.  I am leaning toward a system such as this one by Third Grade Thinkers

Reflect and Refresh Third Grade Thinkers



Not only do I collaborate with colleagues in my school/district, I love my online friends.  Periscope has opened up a whole new world of learning for teachers who wish to learn and collaborate.  If you haven’t taken time to check out this form of social media, I highly encourage you to do so before the mad school rush days begin!  Recently I have watched several by teachers at the Ron Clark Academy.  Hope King has had some fabulous scopes.  I hope to continue to have time to watch some of these once school starts.  Just remember, the scopes are only available for 24 hours, unless the person scoping saves their broadcast.

My Big Summer Project

I worked on my updating my blog, and had great plans for adding many new products in my store.  I did get to add a Back to School Paper Bag Book activity which you can find {HERE}.  So next to my binders are the beginnings of our first week Back to School Writing Journals.  I know my family wonders when they will be able to eat sitting down again!

reflect and refresh all about me book

Since some of my students will be looping with me, I needed a fresh back to school idea.  I really want to focus more on writing.  With this project I will have a formative assessment/baseline based on where they are after summer break.

I taught summer school in a center school that serves students with severe physical and mental handicaps.  I enjoyed working with these students.  They taught me as much as I taught them.  

Be sure to share your refresh and reflect ideas in the comments below.  Hop over and check out some other bloggers who have participated with us!


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