Back To School Pick 3

Back To School Pick 3

Back to school season is upon us already!  Summer just seemed to fly by!  I’m linking up with those fabulous girls from PAWSitively Teaching and Inspired Owl’s Corner again for the August Pick 3 Pinterest Linky. Even though it is hard to get back into the swing of things, the structure and routine, back to school is an exciting time of the year. It is always fun to meet your new students and welcome them into your safe and caring classroom.  Building a caring community ensures that your classroom management is firmly established.  With that in mind, I choose some pins that help establish the sense of community in classrooms. back to school pick 1 My first idea comes from Our Small Town Idaho Life.  (Click their blog name to see the original post and ideas.)  Her room looks so warm and inviting.  

back to school 1a

Click the image to visit the site.

I love the idea of the students doing a self-portrait at the beginning of the year.  This is a great way to get some student produced work up as a cute bulletin board.  (Hey, one less bulletin board you have to put up!)  Plus the students are more likely to appreciate a board with their work vs. one you pre-made. This serves as a great board to leave up for open house. How fun is that for the parents!  Students could do a writing assignment to accompany their self-portrait. back to school 2 My second idea can be found at Mrs. Robinson’s Classroom Blog

back to school 2a

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Providing opportunities for talk and collaboration from day one builds a sense of community and learning.  How awesome is this idea of providing the chance to develop and talk about classroom rules that are positive and build success.  This is a very interactive activity that is sure to leave students excited to be in your classroom!

back to school 3

My third pick is eye catching and visually demonstrates the community you are building in your classroom.  The pin origination is unknown, but ELSA Support in the U.K. is the site that contains the photo below.

back to school 3a

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 Is that not stunning and precious!  

I hope you have discovered some useful ideas.  Be sure to check out the other blogs participating to gather more August ideas for you classroom and life!



May Pick 3 Party: Celebrating Mothers!

Celebrating Mother's Day, Classroom crafts

May is an exciting time of the year!  We are finishing up the school year and celebrating the women in our life this month. Yes, Mother’s Day is right around the corner. Not all of our students have mothers in their life, but they each have a special someone, whether it is a grandmother, aunt, neighbor, etc. Encouraging our students to show their love and thanks during Mother’s Day brings everyone a little joy. 

I’m going to share several pins that I found perfect for this time of the year.  First a little music to get you and your students in the mood!


Bring in a Little Sunshine!

Learning with craft supplies.


I’m excited to link up with Kim over at Life Over C’s as part of her Learning with Craft Supplies: 21 Days Series.  For 21 days bloggers will be sharing how to use a simple and different craft supply to engage students in learning activities.  Be sure to follow along at her blog!  I am linking up today with an activity that incorporates cupcake liners and acrostic poetry! 

Graphic credits: Ashley Hughes, Sonya Dehart, KG Fonts



February Pinterest Pick 3 Party


If you are anything like me, you always turn to Pinterest to find inspiration for your home and classroom!  That’s one reason I love the Pick 3 Party being hosted by Lisa from PAWSitively Teaching and Marissa from  Inspired Owl’s Corner. Take a quick look at the 3 4 pins I choose for February. (I added one just for teachers who love strawberries!)

Quick Peek my top 3 pins.



My first pick is from the Hanging Out In First blog. I love this pin for two reasons. First, it increases home to school connections, second it will be such a fun writing activity.  Send home a large pre-cut heart.  Students fill the heart with words and pictures of things they love.  When they return to school, use the completed hearts to have the students write about the things they love! 


pick 3

My second pick is a game that looks like so much fun.  It is found on Fun on a Dime. I plan to use a big red bowl and the Valentines colored M&M’s.  The directions along with a video are on the blog.  To play the game you need a large bowl, M&M’s, individual cups, straws, and two die.  Basically, each player has to suck M&M’s out of a large bowl with their straw and deposit them into their individual cup.  The person beside them is continually rolling the two die, once they roll a double, the bowl is passed to the person who just rolled the die, and play continues.  It looks like it would be an engaging, giggle filled activity!




My third pick is found at the Housing a Forest blog.  It is chock full of the cutest, heart shaped animals perfect for decorating for Valentine’s Day.  In addition, these animals would be cute to use for a writing or research activity.  I’m not sure which one we’ll make since they are all adorable!  Maybe I should offer a choice!

Heart fish

Last, but not least, if you love strawberries as much as I do, you might want to try this yummy looking breakfast drink!  It is found on The recipe calls for soy milk, but I think I will just use regular milk, strawberries, bananas, a pinch of sugar, vanilla, and rolled oats. Freezing the fruit prior to blending will make it thick and delicious! Note: the tips on the recipe suggest blending the oatmeal in the blender before adding the other ingredients for blending. 

Strawberry, banana smoothie

Note: Links are included on each blog name and picture.  Just click to get to the web page!

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An InLinkz Link-up

Bears, Bears, Bears!

Thematic Thursday Linky Header

Once again I’m linking up with  Carla over at Comprehension Connection as part of her popular series Thematic Thursdays. This weeks fun theme is Bears!  There are so many great resources for including bears in a unit of study.  I’m going to share a few of my favorites.  First off, a quick peek of my top picks.  You can grab the template with clickable video links (below) by clicking {HERE}.

Thematic Thursday Bears

The first book I want to share is a brand new book released January 2015.  It is called “Winnie: The True Story of the Bear Who Inspired Winnie-the-Pooh.”  I have not read this book yet, but fell in love with the intriguing book synopsis on Amazon.  Harry Colebourn, a soldier in training and a veterinarian, saw a baby bear for sale at a train station.  He knew he could care for it, so purchased the baby bear.  The little bear slept under his cot during Colebourn’s training and became the regiment mascot.  Once Colebourn was to report for duty on the battlefield he placed little Winnie in the London Zoo. The soldiers’ mascot, now alone at the zoo, met a little boy…you guessed it Christopher Robin!  Okay, it didn’t take long to put this treasure in my Amazon cart!  You can find the book by clicking the cover below! 


A Statue of the real Winnie the Pooh bear.

A statue of Harry and Winnie at the London Zoo. (Photo Credit: Sally M. Walker)

“Big Smelly Bear” is a book that is sure to get your young ones in the tub! It is a perfect accompaniment to a health unit.  It ties in nicely when teaching the theme of friendship. Smelly Bear refuses to take a bath and boy does he stink!  One day he gets a terrible itch…but no friends will go near him to itch his smelly body.  Will he take a bath? Read the book and find out!  You can find it by clicking the cover below.

Another great book about friendships is “Bear Snores On.”  This book is about a hibernating bear who snores away in his lair.  As he sleeps, one by one, the woodland animals fill his cave in order to get warm.  Eventually bear wakes up to find a party going on while he has been sleeping away!  

Little Golden Books bring back fond memories of reading when I was young.  I love all of these books.  Originally published in 1948, this classic, “The Three Bears,” is back in print.  You can find it on Amazon if you can’t find it in your local stores.

Paper plate bear from Crafty Morning

Find this on Crafty Morning by clicking the picture.

Is this not the cutest paper plate bear ever?  You can find it over at Crafty Morning.  It is made with 2 paper plates, some brown paint, and paper.  

Reading Confetti has some simple ideas for creating sound effects to accompany the book “We’re Going on a Bear Hunt.”  Not only would recreating these sounds as the book is read be fun to do with students at school, it is a great activity to do with your own children at home! 

From Reading Confetti

Click the photo above to visit Reading Confetti.

The Classroom Creative has a free bear paw print printable, along with some great ideas shared on their website.  This teacher used the paw prints to record bear facts which her son could read as he walked onto the tracks.  You might have some other great ideas for using these prints!  You can find them by clicking the photo below. 


The Classroom Creative

Click the photo to visit The Classroom Creative.

I’ve also shared two links above with some cute bear videos.  The first one is a recording of the book “Bear Snores On,” narrated by children.  I thoroughly enjoyed listening to their audio recording of the book.  The second is a song young children would enjoy about bear hibernation. 


Well, I’m off to check out at Amazon!  

Be sure to read all the post at Comprehension Connection!



(Please note, this post includes affiliate links which helps support my blog!)


4 Tips for Making a Snowman Ornament


4 tip


Snowman Ornament

Smiling snow-people make my heart sing at Christmas!  So I decided to try my hand making snowmen ornaments with my students this year.  The one above is my practice ornament, but I found some tricks along the way to make these easier and more kid friendly.

Materials needed Supplies:

Clear glass, or plastic ornaments, wiggle eyes, filler (mini Styrofoam balls, or snow that you use for miniature Christmas Villages), small orange pom poms, quick set, clear drying adhesive, black fabric paint, ribbon/yarn for scarf, small doll hats, foam snowflakes (I got mine at Dollar Tree), scissors, funnel and ornament hooks. Red fabric paint optional.


Tip #1:  Make a paper funnel or use a kitchen funnel to load the ornaments with filler (Do this outside if possible!).


Use a funnel


Tip #2:  I was told to use rubber cement as pictured, however I found that Fast Grab Tacky Glue, which you can get at Michael’s or Amazon is SO much better.  I will use that for crafts from here on out!  Trust me, this stuff is Amazing!  I just put a dab, and the kids were able to attach all parts, manipulate as necessary, and it dried clear.  


Putting on the nose.

Tip #3:  Lose the black pom poms for the mouth. (I should have spaced mine out more.) Use the plastic squeeze bottled fabric paint…so much easier!  The kids can do this independently.  If they mess up it wipes right off and they can try again!

Putting on the mouth.


 Tip 4:  Use wide yarn for the scarf, instead of ribbon.  It looks more realistic, but fewer color choices are available. Use a dab of red fabric paint on the student’s finger tip to add a rosy glow to the cheeks. Poke a hole in the hat with scissors, and install hook before gluing the hat on its head.


All ornaments


on tree

I hope you enjoyed this post!  What Christmas crafts are you making with your students?



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