5 Easy Ways to Use Number Cards and a Giveaway

Today I want to share 5 easy ways to use number cards in the primary math classroom. I’m excited to be linking up this post with my “I Teach” friends. We’re excited to bring you a Christmas in July sale and giveaway! 

Ways to use number cards in the math classroom.

Number cards are a simple and versatile math manipulative. They are great for building number sense skills. In order to have number sense, students need to understand what numbers mean and their relationship to each other. I’m going to share ways I have used them in the classroom.


 Ideas for Using Number Cards With Young Learners
5 easy ways to use number cards in the primary classroom.

1. Early learners can use number cards in a variety of ways.  

  • Practice simple number recognition
  • Order cards to represent number order
  • Start with a number other than 1, such as 6, then have students identify the numbers that follow
  • Give students a card and have them represent that number with counters, blocks, or other manipulatives.
  • Give students a certain number of objects to count, then have them find the matching number card.
  • Give students two different number cards.  Ask them, “Which is more/less?  How do you know?”
  • Have each student choose a card.  Then, have them build towers to reflect their number.  After, towers are built, have students compare their numbers using the vocabulary, same, more, less. For example, “I have 4. 4 is more than 2.” To differentiate use smaller numbers only.
  • Use the cards to make a number book. Print cards on regular copy paper.  Have them glue each number onto a page, then illustrate that number by drawing objects to represent the number.
  • Give students a set number of cards.  Provide clues to see if they can select the correct card.  For example, “I’m thinking of a number that is one more than 6.” “I’m thinking of the number that is the same value of a nickel.” “I’m thinking of a number that tells how many legs a dog has.”
  • Have students match object cards to the number card that represents the quantity of the objects.

Use manipulatives with number cards to build number sense.

Free number card math game

Using Number Cards With Older Primary Students

  • 2. Use cards to play concentration


  • 3. Use cards to play War


  • 4. Use cards to practice addition


  • 5. Use cards to practice odd and even


I hope you have found some new ways to use number cards in your classroom.  I would love to hear of other ways you use them!  As part of your Christmas in July Sale, I am giving YOU these back to school themed number cards FREE! Simply click the Christmas in July image below.  Additionally, my entire store is 20% off for the next 3 days!

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Free number cards center by Burke's Special Kids. Perfect for your young learners!

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Happy July 4th!


Shout Out to Tunstall’s Teaching Tidbits!

Teaching Time

Click Graphic to visit the original post on Tunstall’s Teaching Tidbits Blog.


Have you ever been so excited to read a blog post and try something out in your classroom?  Well, I read Reagan Tunstall’s Post on Teaching Time and could not wait to try her tips!  You have got to read her post and grab the freebies she designed to supplement her ideas.  You can find her post HERE.

I work with some wonderful, special needs students.  Telling analog time has been such a struggle for them.  After trying her ideas out today, I could literally see some light bulbs coming on!

Telling Time with Tunstall's Teaching Tidbits ideas

First we worked together to create the large student made clock shown above.  Her genius idea was using groups of 5 unifix cubes to provide a visual of the 5 minute intervals between each clock number.  Not only were the cubes a great visual the students could touch the cubes as they counted and/or I could lift and drop the cubes adding in auditory cues.   I used two different colors for the clock hands which was a great visual as you will see later.  We were also able to talk about the major points on the clock (12, 3, 6, and 9) that aid in telling time.

Telling Time with White Boards

This is about the time I was seeing some of those beautiful light bulbs starting to go off!  #teachersfavoritething

Using color coding as a telling time strategy.

Color coding strategy as a visual cue for telling time.

Discriminating between the hour and minute hand can be difficult.  A great visual cue was this graphic which coordinated with the colors of our “hour” and “minute” hand.

Independently telling time

After LOTS of “I do” and “We do” practice, the kids got a chance to move, spread out, and independently read and write the digital time to match the analog clock I set on the table.

Making Individual Student Clocks


Next, we “borrowed” another idea from Reagan Tunstall.  Each student created an individual clock.  We used the small sticky notes cut in half.  I think it really helped the students understand the relationship of the numbers on the clock. 


Telling Time

We started by labeling the 4 major clock points and practiced reading the minutes to the quarter and half hour.


Practicing telling time to the quarter and half hour.

Students set the time on their clocks

Students were able to manipulate their clock to match the times that I called out or wrote on the board.  

I am really grateful to have found this post at the perfect time and firmly believe my students benefited from these strategies.  If you have students that struggle with telling time, be sure to head over and read her post.  She has some wonderful freebies, like the clock hands shown above, which my students are using.

Do you have any favorite strategies for teaching time in your classroom?



TPT Product Swap Blog Hop 2015!

This month I had the opportunity to participate in a Teachers Pay Teachers Product Swap with fellow Canadian blogger Diamond Mom. This was such a treat because we were really focusing on money, and the products I was able to try in my classroom were for American money.!

Slide1 cropped

Both of her products depicted above were so useful in our study of counting money.  The first one, “How Much is This?,” contained posters of varying amounts of money and the equivalent amount in another form. For example: 4 quarters = $1.00.  The product also includes printable sheets for counting money.  I decided to copy mine on card stock and place them in individual sleeve protectors.  This way each child could use the same sheet printed in colored ink.  We found that expo markers were the easiest to erase.  Not only does this product include counting coins, but it includes realistic paper bills for counting.  Printable money and coins are included.  I used the paper money printables with the product below. You can find it by clicking {HERE}.

Show me the money!

Show Me the Money!” was the second product I tried out.  This set of printables is for figuring out the amount of money needed for shopping.  Again, I placed these in sleeve protectors after printing them in color.  I just think color is much more engaging for the kiddos.  

My students had a blast counting out different combinations of money for purchasing the items shown on their worksheet.  They had so much fun, I don’t think they realized they were learning!  You can find this product by clicking {HERE}.

Counting money 2 ways

Showing more than one way to count out money for a purchase.

Show me the money

 Some students counted change instead of using all paper money!

Show me the money!

Using change to replace some of the paper money.

I would highly recommend using this great product as part of your money unit in your classroom!  Thanks Diamond Mom for all the fun money counting practice you provided us!

Diamond Mom is trying out my Winter Vowel Sorts shown below.  

Burke's Special Kids Winter Vowel Sorts


Winter Vowel Sorts

Winter Vowel Sorts

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Sebrina Thanks to Krista Wallden for the arrow clip art and Khrys Bosland for the font!

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I’m happy to celebrate with Melissa over at Mrs. Dailey’s Classroom in celebration of her 500 followers on Teachers Pay Teachers.  This is quite an accomplishment and points to the fact that she offers outstanding products and value.  Join in the celebration by entering her giveaway that features prizes from some wonderful bloggers and Teachers Pay Teachers authors!








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Teacher Deals and Dollar Steals


Burke's Special Kids

Happy New Year Blog Hop!

Happy New Year Blog Hop

I hope everyone has enjoyed their Christmas break and has gotten lots of rest!  If you’re like me, you’re already thinking about lesson plans for the New Year.  I’m sure this blog hop will help you make those planning decisions!

Here’s a freebie for you that is perfect for kindergarten through second grade.  You can grab it by clicking {HERE}.

Slide1 resize 600 px

Here are a few of the pages included:

Slide7 resized 600 px

Slide8 600 px

Slide10 600 px

When we get back to school we will be studying states of matter in science and reviewing addition with regrouping.

I have some fun activities planned, like these:

Bubble Bomb Experiment

Bubble Bomb Experiment with baking soda and peroxide.


Moving Water Molecules Experiment.

Moving Water Molecules Experiment.

You can find these experiments, interactive notebook activities, task cards and more by clicking {HERE}.  It will be 50% off through this blog hop!

Science Unit: Matter

If you need some winter math review, grab these at half price through the hop!  You can find them by clicking {HERE}.

Winter Addition Task Cards

Winter task cards

Winter task cards


Be sure to head to the next spot to grab some more freebies and deals for your winter planning!   Just click the logo below.

Cherry Workshop

May your new year be blessed!


2014 Halloween Bash Blog Hop & Giveaway

Blog Hop Halloween Bash


I can hardly believe we are already in October and Halloween is right around the corner!  This weekend I am linking up for a fun, creative Halloween Themed Blog Hop that features a giveaway hosted by The Teaching 2 Step, freebies, crafts, and recipes.  I hope you are joining in on all of this Fall fun!


Spider Cookies

Photo courtesy of A Spicy Perspective


What’s better than chocolate?  Chocolate and peanut butter!  I found this awesome recipe on A Spicy Perspective! (Click HERE to connect to her Facebook page.) I normally make these at Christmas with a Hershey’s Kiss but I love the spooky Halloween look of these tasty treats.  Be sure to check out her other Halloween treats!


Study English conceptual image


We are reviewing place value. Using the place value scoot cards below has made a big difference in the students’ understanding and retention of the concepts. The cute fall theme makes me happy!

Hundreds chart


Fall Place Value

This best selling product will be on sale for 20% off as part of the Halloween Bash 2014 Blog Hop.  Just click either photo to find them in my store.

Looking for a cute Halloween themed math video for primary students?  Check out the Five Little Pumpkins sitting on a Gate buy kdpteacher.  

cover free halloween bash 2014 place value


freebie Halloween place value

You can grab a free scoot game by clicking HERE!  This game is similar to the product that is on sale.  I hope your students find it fun and useful.  It would be great to use with a small guided group.  

Be sure to enter the giveaways and visit all the other blogs on this hop!
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