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I’m excited to link up with Kim over at Life Over C’s as part of her Learning with Craft Supplies: 21 Days Series.  For 21 days bloggers will be sharing how to use a simple and different craft supply to engage students in learning activities.  Be sure to follow along at her blog!  I am linking up today with an activity that incorporates cupcake liners and acrostic poetry! 

Graphic credits: Ashley Hughes, Sonya Dehart, KG Fonts


All of us are a little weary of winter, so why not bring in a burst of sunshine and spring!  You can easily create these whimsical flowers with students of any age.  Just grab the materials pictured below!

Materials for cupcake flowers

You will need cupcake liners, watercolors and a brush, glue, orzo, and construction paper (green for stem and leaves and another background color).  Of course you will need a glass of water which I didn’t include in the photo.

First we built our schema about flowers, poetry, and personification.  We watched a video with some soothing music and beautiful blooming flowers.  My students were entranced and loved pointing out their favorites.  


Next we wrote our rough draft acrostic using the term FLOWERS.  My students were familiar with this type of poetry as we worked on it last week writing an acrostic with their first names.  After editing, we typed our acrostics as the final copy.

Final draft


While some typed, others began working on their cupcake liner flowers.  This activity was perfect for working on fine motor skills of cutting.

Cutting cupcake liner for petals.

We cut around the edges to form petals.  Different cuts made different petal widths.  Some students made two layers to add extra “pop” to their flowers.

After cutting the petals, we used watercolors to color the various flower hues desired by the student. Next we applied glue to the center and added orzo pasta to create the flower center.

Painting the cupcake liner with watercolor.


Adding orzo for a flower center.


We didn’t use a pattern, but I did model how to measure and cut out the stem.  Then students freehand cut out accompanying leaves, butterflies, or grass.  

Cutting stems and leaves.

Gluing in place


Gluing in place


Final product of poem and flower

Final product of poem and flower


Final product of poem and flower

The students were super proud and excited with the results.  A smart teacher friend suggested that we save them for Mother’s Day!  I love when I can kill two birds with one stone!  How about you?


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