Procedures for Turning in Assignments

We all know how important it is to teach procedures for things like turning in assignments. Well, I want to share with you some procedures I teach during the beginning of school. I’m excited to be linking up this post with my “I Teach” friends. We’re excited to bring you some awesome “Back to School Tips” and a giveaway! 

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Are you tired of being frazzled when grading papers because “Little Johnny” forgot to turn in or write his name on his paper! This happened to me just one too many times!  So I was excited to implement some procedures which, frankly, saved my sanity.

Save your sanity! Use these tips for teaching procedures to turn in assignments.


 Tips for Managing  Assignments

1. My very first tip for turning in assignments is to assign each student a number. This is easily done by listing names in alphabetical order, then numbering.  My students know to write their name and their number on any assignments I collect for a grade.  If a student moves, simply skip that number and assign it to an incoming student at a later date.

2. My second tip I have to credit to a colleague who shared this amazing gadget with me.  It is called a document sorter. (This is an affiliate link, which credits me but does not increase your cost.)  You can find it by clicking on the image below. Each flap is numbered, students simply lift the flap, and slide their assignment under their number.  Just gather papers together and voila! all of your assignments are basically in alphabetical order.  This is an easy way to check that each student turned in their work, and makes it simple to enter grades in your grade book.  

Tips for Teaching Procedures for Turning in Assignments

3. I have a visual reminder, along with a cup of markers for students to use when turning in assignments.  Students simply highlight their name on their paper.  They love the chance to use these special markers.  If you’ve got smelly markers, that’s even better!  No more papers without names! 

Tips for turning in assignments Freebie

4. After students highlight their name and slide their paper into the document sorter, they cross their names off the list on my assignment sheet.  Now I know at a glance who turned or didn’t turn in an assignment. 

Freebie for tracking assignments as they are turned in.

Click on the image below to download this free visual poster and editable student assignment sheet. A sheet is also included for handwriting names.  It would be super easy to record grades beside each name, making it easier to enter grades.  

Free editable back to school assignment checklist and poster

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I’d love to hear your comments and favorite tips below.  Wishing you a wonderful back to school with lots of good memories and restful nights!

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