Technology Thursday: Engaging Students and Building Background

Technology Thursday with Teaching Trio


I’m linking up this week with the Teaching Trio to share one way I use technology in my classroom.  The use of technology allows me unique ways of reaching my students and increases their engagement and knowledge.   I use many technology tools, but Google Images and YouTube are a staple. 

Using Google Images and You Tube in the Classroom


 I realize this is not a revolutionary idea, but it made a world of difference for my students this past year!  I teach special education students in a Title 1 school, where every student is on free lunch. My students’ background knowledge is severely restricted, since they live and play only in their local neighborhood.  In other words, they know little of the outside world, other than what they are exposed to on television at home.  We all know that most of the current programming leaves much to be desired!


June Pick 3 Pinterest Recipes

The June Pick 3 Pinterest Linky is an opportunity to share some summertime fun!  I’m going to share three easy recipes that I have tried, or want to try this summer!

June Pick 3 Linky




June Pick 3 Linky



Summer is a great time to try some new salads, and this one looks so interesting and delish!  I already love to add shredded cabbage to salads, or to make a cabbage salad with lots of garlic, olive oil, and vinegar.  I can’t wait to try this one this summer. You can find the recipe on Simply Real Health.  


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