Valentine Blog Hop! 28 Days of Treats For Our Readers!

Valentine Blog Hop

February 1st signals the opening day of our special Valentine Blog Hop just for you!  28 Special Education bloggers have teamed up to bring you special treats on their respective day.  You need to check back here or any of the participating blogs daily, then click on the correct date on the graphic below to visit the blog who is hosting a treat that day. You won’t want to miss it!


 Just a note….we will not be revealing our secret treats until our assigned day, and some bloggers will be offering freebies on THAT DAY ONLY…so be sure you follow the hop daily!
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First up is Traci from The Bender Bunch!  







Bears, Bears, Bears!

Thematic Thursday Linky Header

Once again I’m linking up with  Carla over at Comprehension Connection as part of her popular series Thematic Thursdays. This weeks fun theme is Bears!  There are so many great resources for including bears in a unit of study.  I’m going to share a few of my favorites.  First off, a quick peek of my top picks.  You can grab the template with clickable video links (below) by clicking {HERE}.

Thematic Thursday Bears

The first book I want to share is a brand new book released January 2015.  It is called “Winnie: The True Story of the Bear Who Inspired Winnie-the-Pooh.”  I have not read this book yet, but fell in love with the intriguing book synopsis on Amazon.  Harry Colebourn, a soldier in training and a veterinarian, saw a baby bear for sale at a train station.  He knew he could care for it, so purchased the baby bear.  The little bear slept under his cot during Colebourn’s training and became the regiment mascot.  Once Colebourn was to report for duty on the battlefield he placed little Winnie in the London Zoo. The soldiers’ mascot, now alone at the zoo, met a little boy…you guessed it Christopher Robin!  Okay, it didn’t take long to put this treasure in my Amazon cart!  You can find the book by clicking the cover below! 


A Statue of the real Winnie the Pooh bear.

A statue of Harry and Winnie at the London Zoo. (Photo Credit: Sally M. Walker)

“Big Smelly Bear” is a book that is sure to get your young ones in the tub! It is a perfect accompaniment to a health unit.  It ties in nicely when teaching the theme of friendship. Smelly Bear refuses to take a bath and boy does he stink!  One day he gets a terrible itch…but no friends will go near him to itch his smelly body.  Will he take a bath? Read the book and find out!  You can find it by clicking the cover below.

Another great book about friendships is “Bear Snores On.”  This book is about a hibernating bear who snores away in his lair.  As he sleeps, one by one, the woodland animals fill his cave in order to get warm.  Eventually bear wakes up to find a party going on while he has been sleeping away!  

Little Golden Books bring back fond memories of reading when I was young.  I love all of these books.  Originally published in 1948, this classic, “The Three Bears,” is back in print.  You can find it on Amazon if you can’t find it in your local stores.

Paper plate bear from Crafty Morning

Find this on Crafty Morning by clicking the picture.

Is this not the cutest paper plate bear ever?  You can find it over at Crafty Morning.  It is made with 2 paper plates, some brown paint, and paper.  

Reading Confetti has some simple ideas for creating sound effects to accompany the book “We’re Going on a Bear Hunt.”  Not only would recreating these sounds as the book is read be fun to do with students at school, it is a great activity to do with your own children at home! 

From Reading Confetti

Click the photo above to visit Reading Confetti.

The Classroom Creative has a free bear paw print printable, along with some great ideas shared on their website.  This teacher used the paw prints to record bear facts which her son could read as he walked onto the tracks.  You might have some other great ideas for using these prints!  You can find them by clicking the photo below. 


The Classroom Creative

Click the photo to visit The Classroom Creative.

I’ve also shared two links above with some cute bear videos.  The first one is a recording of the book “Bear Snores On,” narrated by children.  I thoroughly enjoyed listening to their audio recording of the book.  The second is a song young children would enjoy about bear hibernation. 


Well, I’m off to check out at Amazon!  

Be sure to read all the post at Comprehension Connection!



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Thematic Thursday Brings you Penguin Resources

Thematic Thursday Linky Header

I’m linking up this week with Carla over at Comprehension Connection as part of her popular series Thematic Thursdays.  Penguin and arctic life studies are popular this time of the year.  If you are studying these units with your students I hope you can use some of the resources I have included. You can click the graphic below to download and access the links embedded in the activities and links section.

penguins jpeg resize 750 px Best Books

There are so many great penguin books available on the market these days.  DK books are wonderful because of their great pictures and text features in their non-fiction books.  This see how they grow book is a really cute example.  It is available to purchase for your class library through Amazon at a reasonable price. Simply click the image provided.  It is also available for free to use on your interactive whiteboard at a great site called We Give Books.  You create a free account and can read many of their books for free.  We used this site to read a book about Martin Luther King Jr. last week.  You can access the book by clicking {HERE}.

Another great informational book for younger students is produced by National Geographic.  Students love the pictures in this book.

Gail Gibbons writes non-fiction books on many topics that are great for students in grade 2 and up.  They can be used with younger students, but the level of information in her books is best suited for older students.

Be sure to pair these books with fun fictional accounts of penguin antics.  Tacky the Penguin is featured in a full series of books.  These are great if you are trying to hook your budding readers on a picture books series!

Cinderella Penguin is a hoot!  It follows the story of Cinderella but the main character is a penguin!  This would be a great book to use to compare two texts!

Marcus Pfister has another cute book about a penguin that features the main character in several related picture books.  

The Learning Station has a cute penguin song which you can use as a brain break.  Younger students really enjoy the movement and songs provided through these videos.  The craft listed in the activities is simple shapes I am going to try to recreate.  The Mystery Picture and Penguin Waddle Race are available for free through Teachers Pay Teachers as of this date.  One would be great for a math center, the other one can be used on your white board as an interactive activity that can be paired with any set of of questions you would like to review with your students.  

This is what Pink Cat Studio says about her game: No prep required! Grab a list of questions and you are ready to play! This exciting penguin racing game makes practicing review questions fun. Your students will love the cute penguin characters and will have fun competing to see who can reach the finish line first.”

This is a movie your students will enjoy about penguins.  A safe link through is provided in the downloadable graphic at the top of this post.

You can follow my penguin Pinterest board for more penguin related ideas!
Follow Sebrina Burke, NBCT’s board penguin on Pinterest.
I Hope you found something useful.  Be sure to read Carla’s post and enter her “Chilly” Giveaway!

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500 Follower TPT Giveaway!

I’m happy to celebrate with Melissa over at Mrs. Dailey’s Classroom in celebration of her 500 followers on Teachers Pay Teachers.  This is quite an accomplishment and points to the fact that she offers outstanding products and value.  Join in the celebration by entering her giveaway that features prizes from some wonderful bloggers and Teachers Pay Teachers authors!








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Teacher Deals and Dollar Steals


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Favorite Things

Teaching Trio has a new linky called Favorite Things which has been so much fun to read through, that I decided to join in!

Favorite Things Linky Button (1)

Their Linky will take place the first Wednesday of every month, so hop over and join in!

My Favorite Things


My grandson was born in May and he is simply adorable!  I am always amazed at how fast he is growing and changing.

I live in the country and enjoy the companionship of my animals.  Watching them interact is always a treat.  Unfortunately, it comes with its dangers, so wild animals have gotten our other two turkeys.  The lone turkey now thinks he is a chicken and hangs out with the rooster (who used to be his enemy) and the hens.

These are three of my non-school related favorite things.  They help me keep my peace of mind!




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