Happy New Year Blog Hop!

Happy New Year Blog Hop

I hope everyone has enjoyed their Christmas break and has gotten lots of rest!  If you’re like me, you’re already thinking about lesson plans for the New Year.  I’m sure this blog hop will help you make those planning decisions!

Here’s a freebie for you that is perfect for kindergarten through second grade.  You can grab it by clicking {HERE}.

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Here are a few of the pages included:

Slide7 resized 600 px

Slide8 600 px

Slide10 600 px

When we get back to school we will be studying states of matter in science and reviewing addition with regrouping.

I have some fun activities planned, like these:

Bubble Bomb Experiment

Bubble Bomb Experiment with baking soda and peroxide.


Moving Water Molecules Experiment.

Moving Water Molecules Experiment.

You can find these experiments, interactive notebook activities, task cards and more by clicking {HERE}.  It will be 50% off through this blog hop!

Science Unit: Matter

If you need some winter math review, grab these at half price through the hop!  You can find them by clicking {HERE}.

Winter Addition Task Cards

Winter task cards

Winter task cards


Be sure to head to the next spot to grab some more freebies and deals for your winter planning!   Just click the logo below.

Cherry Workshop

May your new year be blessed!


New Year, New Goals for 2015!

I feel like I am always reflecting and goal setting. With the new year just days away, I am pleased to link up with Stephanie over at Mrs. D’s Corner  for some good old fashioned New Year’s Resolutions!

New Year's Resolutions 2015

Personal: Honestly, I don’t have a whole lot of personal time.  It seems I am planning and prepping at home everyday, or I am exhausted and falling asleep on the couch.  I hope to become more organized, and find some short cuts so I can take some time for myself and my family.

Professional:  I have a stack of books and Reading Teacher Journals just calling my name!  Currently, when I do open one I get sidetracked thinking of how to implement something in my class, or…falling asleep on the couch!

Planning:  I am doing a totally different job than I have for the past 8 years or so.  Each student has an IEP and has different needs.  This takes tons of planning and looking for resources.  I am just grateful to find so many helpful products on TpT to help me out.  I seriously need some shortcuts to cut back on the time I spend planning.

Organization: Even though it was an early release day for us Friday, I stayed late trying to get more organized.  That is so key to feeling prepared and successful. I did create some individualized lesson plans for my students, so that I can spend less time planning.  I organized task cards in binders, and have copies prepped for the next two weeks.  Looking for anymore tips someone out there may have!

Students: I have awesome students with very different needs.  With assistance in the classroom, I need to make sure each student is working with an adult and not doing busy work.  For some this means finding ways to motivate them to work efficiently and accurately. I do need to prep and organize assessments that match specific IEP goals and standards.

Motto: “All students can shine!” Although each of my students is on an alternate assessment, they have strengths and special abilities that amazes me.  I love being WOWED by their awesomeness!

Click below to read more goals from teacher’s like you!

TPT Logo

Wishing you all the season’s best and a blessed New Year!



12 Days of Christmas Sales

12 Days of Christmas Sales


Looking for a few fantastic buys from some wonderful creators on TpT?  You’ve come to the right place!  I am linking up with my buddy Amanda over at The Primary Gal who is hosting a 12 Days of Christmas Sales to make your planning easier.


On day 1, today, all items in the linkup will be on sale for $1.00.  On day 2, all items will be marked down to $2.00.  The pattern will continue for the next 12 days.


My products are included in the linkup.  Be sure to check out all of the products listed below to find all your needs for your upcoming plans!



4 Tips for Making a Snowman Ornament


4 tip


Snowman Ornament

Smiling snow-people make my heart sing at Christmas!  So I decided to try my hand making snowmen ornaments with my students this year.  The one above is my practice ornament, but I found some tricks along the way to make these easier and more kid friendly.

Materials needed Supplies:

Clear glass, or plastic ornaments, wiggle eyes, filler (mini Styrofoam balls, or snow that you use for miniature Christmas Villages), small orange pom poms, quick set, clear drying adhesive, black fabric paint, ribbon/yarn for scarf, small doll hats, foam snowflakes (I got mine at Dollar Tree), scissors, funnel and ornament hooks. Red fabric paint optional.


Tip #1:  Make a paper funnel or use a kitchen funnel to load the ornaments with filler (Do this outside if possible!).


Use a funnel


Tip #2:  I was told to use rubber cement as pictured, however I found that Fast Grab Tacky Glue, which you can get at Michael’s or Amazon is SO much better.  I will use that for crafts from here on out!  Trust me, this stuff is Amazing!  I just put a dab, and the kids were able to attach all parts, manipulate as necessary, and it dried clear.  


Putting on the nose.

Tip #3:  Lose the black pom poms for the mouth. (I should have spaced mine out more.) Use the plastic squeeze bottled fabric paint…so much easier!  The kids can do this independently.  If they mess up it wipes right off and they can try again!

Putting on the mouth.


 Tip 4:  Use wide yarn for the scarf, instead of ribbon.  It looks more realistic, but fewer color choices are available. Use a dab of red fabric paint on the student’s finger tip to add a rosy glow to the cheeks. Poke a hole in the hat with scissors, and install hook before gluing the hat on its head.


All ornaments


on tree

I hope you enjoyed this post!  What Christmas crafts are you making with your students?



Unwrap a Gift From Me!

Tis the season to be merry, bright, and thankful!  I am thankful for all the support and encouragement I have received from you! So I am linking up with a Amanda over at The Primary Gal to bring you a linky party that is full of GIFTS for you!

Unwrap a Gift From Me to You


As you travel through this linky party, I hope you find many gifts that bring you cheer these last few days before the holidays! So here is my gift to you!






My gift to you is a sampler from my Winter Themed Reading and Math Printables.   You can find it by clicking {HERE}.

Grab your free gift by clicking {HERE}.



Click {HERE} to visit The Primary Gal for more holiday freebies!



Wishing you all the joys of the season!

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