New Year’s Resolutions and Happy New Year!

So glad to have a few more days off to catch up on all the projects I have been determined to do before this year ends. With that in mind, I intend to be a better blogger in 2014! I am also hoping to make more blogging teaching friends. With this in mind, I am hooking up for a Blog Linky Party. It’s always exciting to find new blogs to read. Stop by and join the fun. Cool

Teaching Blog Linky Party

Manic Monday Number Recognition

Learning to create my own materials to meet the needs of my students, and hopefully other teachers (!) has been a blessing and tons of fun along the way.  I just finished working on a February printable package loaded with differentiated worksheets, printable reading games, and math centers.  I know these will be so useful for my students in the coming months.

Anyway, after realizing that the majority of my Kindergarten small group students still did not know all of their numbers, I created this quick center activity which gives them a fun way to practice counting and number recognition.  It is Valentine themed math center activity and best of all it’s FREE!!   Feel free to download this resource and share it with your friends.

Freebie Broken Hearts Number Center

Click image to download.

Classroom Freebies Manic Monday

Learning in Kindergarten

Counting Syllables

Counting Syllables

I am in awe of those super teachers who work with kindergarten students on a full time basis.  Coming in as the inclusion teacher, I often leave exhausted after my brief intervention time.  While working with kindergarten students can be a real challenge, the trade off is their exuberant enthusiasm to learn.  It can be a balancing act to keep the learning active, yet differentiated for each learner who is working at their own developmental pace.  Being super organized is a key component for facilitating this experience.  High quality, engaging lessons is a natural part of this organization.

This week I created a kindergarten product that I tried out with my small intervention group.  The activities were aimed at increasing their foundational skills.  The product was not too difficult, yet challenged them along the way.  The hidden picture within the product had them clamoring out for the next activity.

I loved their enthusiastic clapping and counting of the syllables.  Their biggest challenge stemmed  from one syllable words.  Bu..oo..t…s for boots.  Definitely something we will have to go back and reteach, along with more fine motor skill practice.  Can’t wait for our next lesson and hats off to all those dedicated kindergarten teachers!

Available on TpT

Available on TpT

Currently December

Can you believe tomorrow is December 1st already!  I am going to be brave today and try something new, linking up with Oh’ Boy 4th Grade for the “Currently” linky.  This seems like a lot of fun.  So much to be thankful for and to think about!  Her site is fabulous, so be sure to check it out! 

I recently completed a figurative language product that I can’t wait to try out with my kiddos at school.  It will be available for the Super Cyber Monday sale going on at TpT December 1 –December 2 for a 28% discount.  Use the code “Cyber” for the discount. Be sure to check out my store and the other fabulous stores on that site next week!

Currently December







Figurative Language

Figurative Language for grades 3-5.

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