Two Things I Have Learned as a New Teacher Blogger

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Right before school started this year (yeah I know that is a crazy time!),  I decided to tackle my newest project learning how to blog.  Well, I quickly found out there is much more to it than simply sitting down at a keyboard and pouring your heart and soul out to the world!

First of all, learning the nuts and bolts of this business is not a walk in the park.  Luckily many bloggers are willing to post advice and tips to steer newbie bloggers in the right direction.  The SITS Girls is a fabulous site that I could spend hours reading and learning from.  They are a group of women that offer blogging and marketing advice, connect bloggers (a great way to learn and build a following), and even offer free printables.  If you haven’t discovered this awesome group for yourself, click on the hyperlink and take a look at what they have to offer.

Another great resource is momcomm.  I really appreciate the information on her site as she focuses on the platform which I am using.  The author, Melissa Culbertson, provides information, paid courses, and has published a Blog Design for DUMMIES book, which I am currently reading.

As an aside, I do not receive any monetary recognition for promoting these two sites.  However, if you are looking for some assistance these are two great places to turn.

The second HUGE thing I have learned is that too much perusing of successful blogs, can lead to a severe case of writer’s block and crumbling confidence.  I need to develop my own identity, brand, and voice.  The only way I will ever become successful is to jump in and start blogging.  I tell my reading and writing students, the only way to get better is to practice.  It’s time I took my own advice.

Finding Text Based Evidence

Finding Evidence in the Text

Boys using strategies to find evidence in the text.

Common Core requires that students support their responses with evidence from the text.  For many students this is a difficult concept to understand.  First students need to be taught that looking back in the text for  evidence is a worthwhile pursuit.  We all know  students who think they remember the correct answer, when in reality if they had just looked back in the text they would have gotten the correct answer.  Secondly, giving voice to a text based response can be awkward for some students.  Through modeling and practice all students can learn this necessary skill.

Providing sentence stems for evidence based responses is a way to ease students into correctly responding to text with evidence.

  • 1. The author states…..
  • 2. An example of this is ….
  • 3. In the text it says…..
  • 4. The graphic shows…
  • 5. I know because…
  • 6. On page ___it says….
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